Keep Your Keys and Your Car, take your cash and go!

Making your way around Charlottetown, commuting, travelling, and running errands wouldn’t be very easy if you had to give up your car to get your cash. Thankfully, our revolutionary new line of credit allows you to use the value of your vehicle to get cash while keeping you in the driver’s seat for the life of your loan.

We know you need your car to make your living (and enjoy your life) which is why your lender will only hang onto the paper title – no the car itself – while you make your payments. Keep driving as you normally would, and enjoy the convenience of getting cash in a flash without having to rearrange your transportation schedule. Don’t worry – we won’t keep your title forever! As soon as your last installment process, you get your title right back.

So whether it’s a car repair, an overdue bill, or a pair of tickets to your favorite band’s last tour, you can always count on our free service to get you the cash you need for the things you want. Call or click today, and let us help you get your car title loan in Charlottetown right now.

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